Back-to-school catch-up

Celebrate/commiserate the end of the summer holidays with coffee, cake and a chin-wag

Time for school!

If you have school-age children you’ll know, September is tough. From sending your tinies off through the school gates for the first time, to waving your big ones off on the bus to secondary school – the end of the holidays can be stressful and emotional. September is pretty rough for teachers too – the end of the long, marking-free summer, back to the classroom.

It can be a time of celebration too! Finally the end of “I’m bored” ringing in your ears from 7am – 7pm (at best). No more extortionate daytrips taking their toll on your pockets. No need to shell out for summer holiday childcare so you can go to work.

However you’re feeling about the start of school, come and hang out with us for coffee and cake, let off some steam, show us your holiday snaps and relish in adult company – it’ll be half-term before you know it!


The Boathouse, Pittville Park


Wednesday 11th September



10:30 – 12:30




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