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Come and build your very own solitary bee five-star accommodation at our easy-to-make bee hotel workshop.

Solitary bees aren’t like honeybees that live in hives. As their name suggests, they make their nests on their own and lay their eggs in tunnels, such as in dead wood or hard soil. A bee B&B mimics these conditions. 

Pop your bee hotel in a sunny sheltered spot and then watch adult female bees find the nest on sunny days. You’ll know they’re nesting if you see them flying in with pollen (some carry it on their bellies), with blobs of mud to create cell walls along the tube, or with bits of leaf (these are the leaf-cutter bees).

No sawing or drilling required, we’ll provide you with a ready-built house (or ready-cut pieces if you’d prefer to make your own shape) so you can concentrate on filling it with lots of hiding places for your buzzy friends. Bamboo canes, tiny logs and bundles of sticks make great homes for bees.

This workshop is designed for children (3+) and adults to complete together but children of all ages are welcome.

Planting bee-friendly flowers, herbs and shrubs in your garden can also really encourage them to visit. Whether you’ve got a sprawling acre with a wildflower meadow or a tiny patio with a few pots, you can make a difference.

If you don’t fancy making your own bee hotel, there are plenty of ready-made houses you can buy to help out the bees in your garden.

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The Wheatsheaf


Wednesday 31st July



10:30 – 12:30




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