We are thrilled to welcome Nina Lane-Jenkins of Yin Yang Therapies for our very own Rock Beam Yoga Self-care Session. Nina’s classes incorporate nurturing reiki, crystal healing and Vinyasa Flow yoga. You do not have to have any previous yoga experience as the session will cater for all shapes, sizes and abilities.

As at all of our events, children of all ages are welcome but in order to create the atmosphere required for focus and healing, the session will be split into two. Whilst one group of mums are working with Nina, their babies can hang out together under the watchful eye of the second group of mums. Then, we swap! When booking, please be aware that in order for the session to work, it would be great if you could be present for both halves of the morning. If you’d like, you are also more than welcome bring someone along with you to keep an eye on your little one (no extra ticket required).

Any questions, please contact us on social media or email us at themotherhoodsociety@icloud.com.