21 Day Affirmation Challenge (free download)


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21 Day Affirmation Challenge

When researching the science behind affirmations (yes, it’s not only hippies who believe in the power of positive thinking) I came across Aissatou Bah, a PR professional, poetry writer and wellness blogger.

She wrote about her experience when using affirmations everyday for 21 days and got me thinking…

If you repeated the same affirmations every morning or night for 21 days, would it have an impact on your mental health?

Seeing as we are in the midst of another lockdown in the UK, now seems as good a time as any to test the theory.

Download your FREE reminder poster and power up your positivity!

Here is what Aissatou has to say about affirmations. Check her blog here.


Affirmations are positive statements that can help people question/reverse their own negative thoughts. These statements can have mental and/or physical health, wealth, love, career and more as a theme.

According to Psychology Today, self-affirmation improves both reasoning and problem-solving. Furthermore, many studies concluded that self-affirmation can be rewarding on different levels like confidence, anxiety, self-esteem and depression. Affirmative statements provide a first step towards identifying rational responses to psychological, psychosocial and physical events.


Positive affirmations work by creating and/or listening to these statements often and most importantly willing/believing in them. They’re a tool of the mind requiring repetition, discipline and focus. By reprogramming thought patterns, over time you can potentially begin to think and act differently.

Essentially, affirmations are an empowerment tool designed to counteract some of our negative thoughts and habits.


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