Join us for a morning of houseplant swapping fun!

what is a plant swap?

Becoming more and more popular in recent years, plant swaps are simply events where plant owners (new or experienced) can come together to swap their cuttings.

The rules of a plant swap are simple: bring a pest-free, beautiful plant (or two or three) for trade. They can be potted or bare root, you just need to be prepared to part with them.

We really want to encourage more people to enjoy and connect with plants and to help newbies get started with their houseplants obsession. This means that this will not be a straight up ‘plant for a plant’ exchange. Instead, you bring your plants that you’re happy to put up for adoption and put them out on a table. Then at the start time you choose some new plants to take away. You don’t even necessarily need to bring something to swap, instead, take what you feel you can manage and make a donation. Who knows, by the next swap you might have some plants to bring!

This means that they event is open to everyone whether your a crazy plant lady, or a reformed cactus killer.

Some plants are easier to propogate than others so it’s worth doing a bit of research before you get started. Jade is one of the easiest to propagate, requiring just a single leaf to grow a new glossy plant. Check out Apartment Therapy for a list of easy-peasy propogators

Different plants require different approaches. Some can be cloned from leaf cuttings (like succulents) while others (like spider plants) grow their own babies that you can replant. Have a google and find out which technique you need for your chosen plant. There are lots of great houseplant blogs (we like Gardenista) as well as the Gardeners’ World and House Plant Expert websites.

Propagation for many plants is best done in soil, but some plants can be propagated in water. It’s really cool to see their new roots growing! Check out The Sill blog for all the tips and tricks.


School House Café


Saturday 14th March



10:30 – 12:30


Donations welcome!


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Spring Plant Swap