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Giving back to Mother Nature

In the last year there has been an awful lot of upheaval and uncertainty. People’s lives have been altered immeasurably. Some have lost loved ones, some their livelihoods. For that reason, the environment understandably hasn’t been at the forefront of people’s minds.

But, as we head into Spring and out of lockdown, it seems like the perfect time to shine some dappled light on the world around us.

Since Lockdown 1.0 in 2020, families have been spending huge amounts of time outdoors, exploring their local area and embracing open spaces. Getting outside has been absolutely integral to us not going completely insane. Now it’s time to give back to Mother Nature a little bit.

No one needs more doom and gloom in their lives at the moment, so we’re not going to focus on frightening figures or scary statistics – instead we’re going to give you some easy-peasy eco activities that you and your children can try that will hopefully benefit both you, and the environment.

In 2019 we curated Focus on their Future, a month of environmentally-focussed events to coincide with Plastic-free July. We made eco-cleaning products, bee hotels, eco-bricks and discussed all things motherhood and the environment. We’ll be revisiting some of those activities here and adding lots of new ones to keep your little ones inspired and engaged during the Easter holidays and beyond.

Big Summer Photo Hunt
Big Summer Photo Hunt Pack

Little Paper Swan Big Summer Photo Hunt

Content creator Cathryn Wood (@littlepaperswan) creates beautiful things! Photos, recipes, presets and also amazing photography challenges. This summer she is encouraging kids to get creative and get outdoors in nature with her Big Summer Photo Hunt.

It is a 12 prompt photo scavenger hunt with two challenes to complete for each week of the summer holidays. Each challenge is super simple and can be completed on a walk, enabling you to encourage your children out into nature. Then they just snap a photo using a camera or phone to document the moment, or get artsy and create something special. If you want to, you can then join the wonderful community online by sharing their photographs on instagram using the hashtag #thebigsummerphotohunt.

You can order your printed A5 challenge record (which includes all 12 scavenger hunt prompts, super cute badges and ideas for other activities you could try) to be delivered by post or you can download the Print at Home pack instead. Prices start from just £2.


Garden Paintbrushes

Garden Paintbrushes

The lovely family behind @mini_greens_in_the_cotswolds have been getting busy painting pictures using bits they found in the garden. Why not join in and create your own Garden Paintbrushes?You will need: Sticks (1 for each paint brush) Leaves, flowers, grasses,...

Simple Recipe: Wild Garlic Pesto

Simple Recipe: Wild Garlic Pesto

Incredible, award-winning, vogue published, local photographer and mother of two gorgeous girls Chui has very kindly shared her super simple recipe (and accompanying beautiful photos) to make your own Wild Garlic Pesto. Wild Garlic is abundant in the woods in and...