To buy or not to buy?

If you’re trying to be a bit more earth-conscious and live more sustainably there are hundreds of businesses who would like to help you do just that. Some things are definitely worth investing in – a good quality stainless steel drinks bottle, a reusable coffee cup, but others leave us wondering.


For example, there are plenty of alternatives to plastic straws (bamboo, metal, even a wheat by-product) but unless you have additional needs, do you really need a straw in any form?


There are alternative products and potions and gadgets and gizmos, but, does being more sustainable have to cost you a fortune?


1. Loose Food storage

We are lucky to now have a loose food and refill shop in Cheltenham. Food Loose and Plastic Free is based in Global Footsteps cafe at 16 Portland Street, just a short walk from the High Street. It offers a really reasonably priced range of organic and fair-trade dried goods such as beans, seeds, dried fruit, grains and nuts. They also stock a variety of refillable household and personal cleaning products.

But, do you need to splash out on fancy jars and bottles to store your pulses in?

Instagram is full of gorgeous photos of people’s perfect pantries which make us green with envy but you don’t need to splash out on a matching set – why not just recycle your old jars?  

Recycled screw top gin bottles make excellent detergent bottles – check out Moral Fibres Blog for inspiration! 

2. Alternatives to clingfilm

Clingfilm = bad.

So, what are the alternatives?

We love our Beeswax Wraps, but if you don’t want to spend money on new products, why not just use your existing tupperware or pop a plate over it when you put leftovers in the fridge? Just like the good old days!

We save all the pots from our takeaways and use them to store meals in the freezer but jam jars work just as well.

Check out these  bowl covers if you’d like another reusable, washable option.

3. make-up wipes

Make-up wipes and terrible for the environment and aren’t great for your skin either. Cotton wool rounds are better, but is there a more sustainable option?

Reusable fabric rounds that you can just pop in the washing machine are a great choice! There are various types, crocheted rounds, towelling, cotton, bamboo. The make-up pads shown below are organic cotton jersey and towelling from Lovesay and Mo. They are absolutely worth investing in, or you if you’re crafty, you can make your own old of old towels!

4. Kitchen towel

Kitchen roll is handy, but a throwaway option isn’t a great choice. You can buy fabric kitchen towels on a roll but why not just make your own washable rags by chopping up old t-shirts or towels and keeping them in a basket somewhere easily reachable?