Resident family photographer Leanne Elizabeth Photography



Leanne Elizabeth Photography – Resident Photographer

You can do anything, but not everything. True in most areas of life right? Motherhood, at work, in your relationships and also for your small business.

Lots of the incredible women we have met since forming the Motherhood Society in 2018 are one women shows when it comes to their business. They are the owner/designer/creator/customer service/candlestick-maker all wrapped into one. They do it all!

But sometimes, it’s great to be able to call on others to offer their expertise. That’s why we were delighted when Leanne approached us as a potential “resident photographer”. Organising, promoting, baking the odd cake – we’ve got that covered. But when it comes to photography there is nothing like a professional!

Once we’re back to hosting events, Leanne will be there to capture all the fun we have when we’re together. And until then, she’s created some beautiful product photos that we think portray our ethos and vibe perfectly. We’re currently in the process of uploading them everywhere!

We’ve badgered Leanne for answers and created a little Q&A over on so grab a cup of tea and get to know Leanne a little better. You might even see some faces you recognise in the beautiful examples of her work.




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