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A problem shared…

There is undoubtedly comfort to be found in solidarity. Shared experiences can bring us peace, knowing that we aren’t the only one going through something.

With that in mind, we are creating an online library of YOUR stories. Tales of pregnancy and birth, settling down or upping sticks, giving up the 9-5 or struggling with the work/life juggle. If you have a story to tell, we would love to hear it. It can be about absolutely anything related to motherhood or womanhood.

Hopefully the collection will grow and grow with tales of hope and strength to create a library of solidarity that you can search to find the support you need. 

One in Four

“I’m a talker. I need to get my feelings off my chest and have a good rant or a cry with friends. I just cannot imagine trying to deal with this on my own.” We are so grateful to Katie for sharing her story. So many of us find ourselves in similar positions, 1 in 4 in fact. Hopefully this will be some comfort to other families experiencing loss. Trigger warning: please be aware that this post discusses pregnancy loss.

You are a bad parent

“I go to bed every single night worrying that because the kids’ rooms are the first you come to at the top of the stairs, they will either be attacked by an invader first or fall down the stairs and break every bone in their bodies, so hence I sleep very lightly.” Victoria shares her honest account of dealing with anxiety as a Mother.

Tired (a poem for 3am) by Libby Arthurs

Tired (a poem for 3am) by Libby Arthurs

Libby Arthurs is a healthcare professional and first time mum based in Bristol who shares her honest account of motherhood and mental wellness on her instagram account @truthful_mum

You (a poem by Amy Brumby)

You (a poem by Amy Brumby)

Amy Brumby is a young English teacher who unexpectedly fell pregnant whilst planning her wedding. Being thrust into family life was the most wonderful surprise. Inspired by Hollie McNish (her collection ‘Nobody Told Me’ is both real and outstanding), she scribbled these words on her phone during the many night feeds of the fourth trimester and she hopes that it encompasses how the journey is both difficult and beautiful. She feels privileged to have breastfed her son for a year now.

Read her beautiful poem, You.

Struggling to Feed

Struggling to Feed

“Even before my baby arrived, I’d decided that I was definitely going to breastfeed. I knew that lots of women gave up but I wasn’t going to. I was going to breastfeed my baby. It was natural. It would be easy. Right?”

Read about one mum’s struggles with breastfeeding, tongue-ties and an unsupportive midwife.

Morning Song

“Recently, I found myself reading an absolutely nauseating account of childbirth by a popular blogger, which apparently had its readers dabbing the tears away as they cooed over staged photos of a freshly post-birth mother with shiny, perfectly styled hair and a face full of makeup…My experience was neither glorious nor traumatic (for me) and my birth story is far from exceptional.”

Read this full time feminist and first time mum’s honest and heartfelt account of birth.

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