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Feeding-friendly Cheltenham exists to support breastfeeding mothers and bottle-feeding parents, with their right to feed their baby in a safe space without fear of judgement.

We work with local businesses and organisations to provide education on the need for such places and to provide material that will enable parents to recognise those which are a member of the scheme.

Our mission - To work with local businesses and organisations to provide safe, supportive and non-judgemental spaces in Cheltenham and the surrounding area for parents to feed their babies, either with breast or bottle.

Feeding-friendly Cheltenham is thrilled to accept businesses of any shape or size onto the scheme. Most parents just require somewhere comfortable to sit when feeding their baby, although it can be helpful to know if other amenities are available. So that we can compile a comprehensive list for parents, please let us know if you have any of the following facilities:

Are you happy for your business to be displayed on the Feeding-friendly Cheltenham page?

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Please confirm that by signing up, you agree to inform your staff about the scheme, and to uphold breastfeeding mothers’ and feeding parents’ right to feed their baby in public spaces (e.g. by moving a complainant if necessary and not moving a breastfeeding mother)

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Together, we can let residents and visitors know that our town welcomes feeding parents of babies. For more information on the scheme, please visit Feeding-friendly Cheltenham.

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Signing up to become a Feeding-friendly Cheltenham member is free, but we kindly ask businesses to consider making a donation of their choosing to the Gloucestershire Breastfeeding Supporters’ Network