Grow your village and nurture new and existing friendships in a relaxing, judgement-free and safe space on the centre of town

Motherhood on tour!

We absolutely love our new Leckhampton Village Hall venue, but when the lovely John Lewis on Cheltenham Highstreet asked if we’d like to come and visit, we just couldn’t refuse!

We launched our Motherhood Society Meet-ups @ John Lewis in 2022 and we love being able to reach even more women in the centre of Cheltenham. For these special sessions, we nestle in our own reserved area of their gorgeous Place to Eat café so we can chat, drink coffee and have a cheeky slice of mid-morning cake.

The atmosphere in John Lewis is warm and welcoming and it’s a perfect place to meet. They are proud members of Feeding-friendly Cheltenham and have excellent changing and feeding facilities incuding their newly redecorated Feeding Room.

We also have the opportunity to include some of the amazing John Lewis brands in special Self-care Sessions. Some of the lovely partners from the Beauty and Fashion Departments downstairs are keen to share their expertise with mini masterclasses and workshops.

There is no need to book, just drop in and join us! You can make it as affordable as you like by just paying for what you order, with no obligation to purchase anything. 

These meet-ups are a chance to grow your village and nurture new and existing friendships in a relaxing, judgement-free and safe space.


Our Motherhood Society Meet-ups @ John Lewis are aimed at mothers and their babes in arms, making them slightly different from our usual weekly meet-ups. Ordinarily we welcome children of all ages, however we wanted to create a space for new mothers and those with small babies to meet and chat. The last year has been incredibly difficult for new parents and the lack of socialising opportunities has made finding your people that much harder! We have welcomed so many women over the past few months who are just beginning to venture out and we hope that this accessible town centre location will encourage even more new mums to join us.

If your little (and bigger) ones are after a chance to run off some steam in a large and secure space, you may want to check out our weekly meet-ups at Leckhampton Village Hall instead.