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June is bustin’ out all over!

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It’s been over a year, and a few things have changed, but we are back baby!

2020 – what a right off! Covid happened, we lost our venue, we’ve been unable to host events for over a year…but, we are officially back!!

Losing our space was hard, but as a very wise friend reminded us – everything happens for a reason. And when one function room door closes…another brighter, better door opens!

So, have moved just down the road into Leckhampton Village Hall and switched to a weekly Tuesday morning session at a slightly earlier time (9:30 – 11:30)

The ongoing restrictions mean that we’ll be keeping things small and simple to start with so you do currently need to book a place for our meet-ups as well as our Self-care Sessions. As soon as we can return to a super relaxed drop-in system we will, but for now we’d hate to have to turn you away!

Our Self-care Sessions will continue and we already have some lovely guests filling up the diary.

We missed you all so much and are loving being back to providing a safe space filled with coffee and cake!


Leckhampton Village Hall





09:30 – 11:30




Leckhampton Playgroup

The hall was previously occupied by Leckhampton Playgroup, but after Covid hit last year, they found that sadly there was no one to take on the running of the group. Leckhampton Playgroup has always been organised and run by groups of parents. They have provided an excellent and really popular space for parents to bring their little ones for a long, long time (rumour has it that the group has been going for around 50 years!!)

So, to keep the playgroup sessions going, will be taking over Leckhampton Playgroup so we can continue to provide this much-loved group. Our focus will be, as it always has, on women and mothers, in a safe and welcoming space. This is not the end of Leckhampton Playgroup, but the start of a new chapter.