Edition 2 – The Window Magazine (Eco-luxe)


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The Window Magazine is an independent slow publication from the Cotswolds. It offers a glimpse of life in this culturally active area of outstanding natural beauty. A view out into the world from our neck of the woods to yours.

Fashion, adventure, food, photography, books, design, walks, and thoughts. We take the take the time to dwell on what’s on our doorstep and meet the people who bring it to life. Whether you’re here with us in the Cotswolds, or just share our Cotswolds state of mind, there’s something in The Window Magazine for you.

Perhaps you’re a parent of young children and you have a pile of unread books and magazines. Maybe work means you struggle to break out of your routine and focus. Our stories and photos are evergreen. They’re not going anywhere. Take your time.

Life is busy. Don’t miss what’s going on outside. Take a moment to look through The Window.