Self-care Cards – Moon Postcard Set


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The language we use can have a huge impact on those around us. As mothers we are very aware of the words and the tone we choose when speaking to our children, but what about the way you speak to yourself?

It’s really easy to treat ourselves harshly. Shame, guilt, fear. Creating negative relationships with our own bodies and minds.

While practicing hypnobirthing during pregnancy, I started to use positive affirmations related to birth. Getting yourself into a positive mindset is the key and those skills are transferable into all areas of our lives.

These cards are little reminders of how strong and able you are.
How kind. How resilient.

This set of matte printed A6 postcards with hand-drawn designs perfect for displaying around your home or sending to friends as little acts of kindness.

The Moon set are inspired by the phases of the moon, welcoming in abundance and attracting positive energy, perfect for use around the New Moon alongside setting new intentions for the month ahead. Use the New Moon energy to remember your inner power, take back your strength and be open to all of the amazing opportunities before you.