Self-care Cards (Sleep – Twin Pack)


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Ah sleep…

We all know that bedtime can be tricky and that everyone can find it hard to wind-down, kids and adults included. When our little ones are struggling to get to sleep or stay in bed it can create huge amounts of stress for the whole household.

To help, we have teamed up with the incredible Fern and Dawn from Big Sleep Co to create two sets of affirmation cards to help children and adults navigate nighttime. These affirmations signal to your child’s mind and body that it’s time to prepare for the night. They encourage them that it’s ok to rest and there is nothing to fear.

The Big Sleep Company is grounded in evidence based, attachment focused sleep support. Founded by Dawn Grey & Fern Bishop, they’re on a two woman mission to change how the world views child sleep- removing shame, guilt & loneliness. They want parents to feel supported, confident and heard. They know how hard poor sleep is, and they know that you and your little ones deserve better.  Together they help families all over the world achieve better sleep with our gentle and responsive methods. They also teach parents how to do this via their age specific sleep programmes.
Fern says, “Alongside our programmes, we wanted to design these beautiful affirmation cards to compliment our message of focusing on health & wellbeing in the context of sleep. Designed for both parents and children, we know the power of mindset is the greatest strength in managing tricky sleep. Our child focused affirmation cards work perfectly to build confidence, self esteem and give children a voice.  We know you’ll love them just as much as we do!”
The cards are available separately or together.
The Child pack includes 20 affirmations designed to prepare your children for a restful night’s sleep. Designed by Victoria, they feature a series of cute characters to keep your little ones company.
The Adult pack includes 25 cards to help reassure parents and encourage a gentle approach to sleep.
Buy this Adult and Child twin pack together, save £2 and make sure you’ve got all areas covered!