Get creative in the garden with your own nature paintbrushes!

The lovely family behind @mini_greens_in_the_cotswolds have been getting busy painting pictures using bits they found in the garden. Why not join in and create your own Garden Paintbrushes?

You will need:

  • Sticks (1 for each paint brush)

  • Leaves, flowers, grasses, pinecones or other natural treasures

  • String

  • Paint/mud/squashed berries

  • Scrap paper/lining paper

Step 1. Get outside and hunt for some treasure! You can go out in the garden or head out on a nature walk. Collect some sticks for the handles of your brushes and then grab leaves, grasses, pinecones – anything that might make a pretty pattern or has an interesting texture.

Step 2. Attach your treasures to your sticks with string making sure they are tightly attached.

Step 3. Using paint, mud or squashed berries mixed with water create your own pictures using your new brushes. Roll pinecones, print leaves and get messy!

Choosing your supplies

When it comes to paints and ethical supplies Conscious Crafts have some excellent options including these Natural Earth Paints which are made with actual earth! They are 100% non-toxic, creating a creamy, tempera-like paint when mixed 1:1 with water.